FREE workshops on Career Development

January 19, 2015

Our sister organization, Teamworks Career Centre, is offering FREE public workshops on Career Development topics. These workshops are open to anyone but pre-registration is required.

Thought Patterns for Success
Is your unconscious mind hindering you? How can you use your conscious mind to reach your potential? This workshop, developed by the Pacific Institute and featuring Lou Tice, teaches participants how to think in ways that create personal and professional success. The concepts in this course were developed by a top psychologist to explain how the mind works.
Concepts presented include managing change, setting and achieving goals, perception, self esteem, self-talk, self-image, affirmations, and visualizations.

Career Directions
Do you want more out of your career? Are you considering a career change or a return to school? Important decisions about your career need information and planning.
Career Directions is the workshop designed for people wanting to take charge of their career because it is a comprehensive 18-hour workshop that offers an introduction to the process of career management for individuals. Participants in this workshop complete assessments to become aware of their career assets and create an action plan for achieving short and long term career goals.

North Americans are living longer, healthier lives, so the conventional idea of retirement is obsolete. Instead, people want to find ways to transition into a new kind of work.
Based on the book 2 Young 2 Retire: 101 Ways to Start the Rest of Your Life, the workshop series is thought provoking and stimulating. Participants leave the workshop feeling more hopeful and optimistic about the options available to them and have a renewed sense of their contribution to the health of the labour force.
While retirement transitioning may be an outcome for some, many graduates of the program find new ways to manage their careers so as to meet their goals and remain highly active in the labour force.