FAQ - Job Candidates

Q & A - Already Registered with Select

What does Temping mean?

From time to time, employers require short-term help or would rather contract an employee as opposed to hiring them as part of their staff. Often these vacancies arise as a result of a staff member taking holidays or an overload / backlog of work that has exceeded the capacity of the existing staff. In this instance, the employer will call upon Select to ‘temporarily’ fill these gaps, without actually hiring that person onto their payroll.

Working as a temporary worker at a company has its advantages. Being a temp can be a great way to update your skills, gain valuable work experience, and have a flexible lifestyle. It also provides the opportunity to prove yourself and potentially gain a full time position.

What does Temp-to-Perm mean?

Temp-to-Perm means you have been assigned to a temporary job assignment, with the possibility of being hired on by the employer. This is meant to be a long-term assignment, as long as you fulfill your obligations as an employee, and the employer is interested in utilizing your services on a more permanent basis. As a temporary employee, you will work for Select. If your assignment converts to a hire, you will become an employee of the company for which you are working.

Am I guaranteed to work on a temporary basis?

No. We work for a variety of employers with changing staffing needs and we cannot guarantee you regular employment. However, we do our best to ensure that top performing temps stay busy and have first pick of the opportunities available. Keep in mind that the more flexible you are in your expectations, the more likely we will be able to keep you working.

How can I increase my chances of obtaining a position?

Applicants with an updated resume, strong interview skills, and a solid work history that matches our employers’ needs have a greater chance of being considered for a job. Keep in regular contact and inform us of any changes in your employment situation.

How long before I find a temporary position?

First we need to evaluate if your skills and qualifications meet the job orders we receive. If so, it will then depend on your flexibility, skills, experience, availability and the employers’ needs. Often job seekers who are available immediately will start a position the very next day; however, every circumstance is different.

How often should I contact your office regarding my availability for work?

As positions you are well suited for become available, Select will contact you. However, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our office at any time. You are also encouraged to stay in touch with your recruiter weekly to keep them informed of your job status.

Who should I call if I am running late for an assignment or cannot make it because I am sick?

Let your recruiter know IMMEDIATELY! If this individual is not available, ask to speak with another available recruiter. If it is after business hours, leave a voicemail message and we will notify the employer.

What if I am on an assignment and decide it is not for me?

We realize that not every job will be a good fit; sometimes you will not know this until you have tried the position. If you are on a job assignment and find it is not going to work for you, we ask that you contact us immediately. We expect our employees to work with us and stay at an assignment long enough for us to find a replacement solution, but we will attempt to remedy the situation as quickly as possible. As with any interaction, communication is key. We expect open communication from you and you can expect the same from SELECT.

While filling a Temp role what happens if the employer offers me a job. Can I accept?

If the position meets what you are looking for, then congratulations! All you need to do is contact your Select recruiter and we will coordinate the details with your new employer. Please keep in mind that employers sign an agreement to compensate Select when we have successfully found a new employee for them. For your part, the Employment Agreement that you sign upon registering also outlines that you will agree to contact us if you are offered a position. Communication is key, so just keep us informed and we will look after the rest.

How do I get paid?

If you are working on a temporary assignment with Select, you will be asked to complete a weekly time sheet and get it to our office—in person or by fax—by Monday at 4:30pm. You are paid weekly, every Friday, by direct deposit.

Who determines the rate I am paid?

The pay rates we offer are determined by our clients and vary by assignment. We pay our employees the rate our clients allow us to bill. Pay levels differ at each company and are based on location, job description, candidate experience, and market conditions.

What happens if my timecard is late?

To meet our payroll deadline and be paid on Friday we must receive your timecard by Monday at 4:30pm. If your time card is late it will be processed the following week.

What kind of benefits do you offer to Temporary and Temp-to-Perm employees?

Being a temp can qualify you for our Health and Benefits plan. For more details please discuss this with our payroll department. Other benefits that we provide include: our Referral Program, iSELECT Rewards Program and participation in our yearly recognition events.

When do I qualify for overtime?

As per Alberta Labour Standards, overtime is paid if you work more than 8 hours per day or 44 hours per week, whichever is greater. Always get approval from your on-site supervisor before working any overtime. Overtime MUST be pre-approved in order for you to get paid.

How do I qualify for stat holiday pay?

There are a number of qualifiers that are unique to temp employees:

  • You are normally scheduled to work the day on which a stat holiday falls
  • You have worked with Select for at least 30 full-time shifts within the last year
  • You have worked 5 of the previous 9 days (same day of work e.g.: Monday)
  • You have worked your “normally scheduled work day” prior to and following the stat holiday. See Alberta Employment Standards for more information. (link)

Why am I required to produce ID and a SIN card when I interview with a Recruiter?

Some positions require a security and/or credit check, and copies of your ID are required to complete this process. To work on a temporary basis we require a copy of your actual SIN within three days of your start date, to ensure legal entitlement to work in Canada.

Do you have employment for applicants with work/student visas?

It is important that you make us aware of any restrictions or limitations for employment due to a work visa. We have successfully employed many new Canadians or visitors, but require a copy of the visa and government-issued identification upon registration.

What does Direct Hire mean?

Direct Hire means that Select is facilitating the recruitment process on behalf of an employer. If we think your skills and experience are a good fit, we will check with you to see if you would be interested in the job. If you are interested, we will then forward your information to our client for consideration. SELECT will then work with you and our client to schedule interviews and facilitate the hiring process. If our client decides to make you an offer, and you accept, you will work directly for our client.

How can I increase my placement opportunities?

Respond to our requests for further information, reference lists or resume improvements promptly, arrive on time for your interview and be prepared to respond to questions regarding your career goals, related areas of expertise and salary expectations. If you exemplify professionalism, have exceptional communication skills, a proven track record, a fantastic attitude, and are actively motivated to make a change, we will discuss with you the potential we have to promote you to clients even if positions aren’t currently available.

How long will it be before I find a permanent position?

This will depend on our current client needs in relation to your goals, flexibility and urgency to make a change. Our goal is to connect you with a position that fits you as soon as possible, but this can range from a couple of days to several months. We look forward to providing you with a service that will compliment (not replace) your already active job search!

When I apply for a job will it be the only one that I am considered for?

That is the great thing about registering with Select: you will be considered for all of the roles that fit your objectives and are appropriate for your knowledge and skill level. We have many different positions available and they change on a daily basis. We will consider you for all of the roles that fit you and our employers.

If I am hired by an employer, who pays me?

If you have been hired in a full-time, permanent position you will sign a letter of offer presented to you by your SELECT Recruiter on behalf of your new employer. Your new employer will pay you according to the terms outlined in this offer letter.

Will my search for a new opportunity be confidential?

At Select your information is always confidential – no questions asked. We understand that everyone has unique circumstances. That is why we take extra care to keep your personal information and the details regarding your search private. This allows you to keep up to date on positions of interest and apply without compromising your confidentiality.