Side of Beef Winner gives it all away

Southern Alberta Living
December 19, 2014

Summer and golf season may feel like a long time away but it is only about 5 months until golf season starts up again. Every year, Select People Solutions loves to attend golf tournaments and bring our giant and well-loved Chip to Win game. This year, in conjunction with Cargill we had everyone who played the game through the season enter their names for a chance to win a side of beef and just before Christmas we drew the name of the winner from the more than 600 entrants. Dwayne Huber, President of Airtech Heating and Air Conditioning won enough meat to justify buying a new freezer but he did something that brought a smile to a lot of faces: he donated the whole thing to the Interfaith Food Bank. On December 19, 2014 we met Dwayne at the Interfaith Food Bank donation doors as the truck unloaded box after box of steaks, roasts, and the best beef strips you can find. We managed to get a few pictures of Dwayne Huber, Ryan Miller and Tara Lennox of Select People Solutions, and Danielle McIntyre from the Interfaith Food Bank. McIntyre told us that meat donations, like Huber’s, are especially welcomed at food banks because meat is one of the most costly items for a family food hamper. The hundreds of pounds of great cuts will be very welcomed by clients of the food bank. Select People Solutions would like to thank Cargill Animal Nutrition for the fantastic support of the Side of Beef project and we congratulate Dwayne Hubers for both winning, and giving away, his side of beef. We are honoured to work with such great people in our community.

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Relocation Services

You have been offered a great job and the company is paying to move you across the country. That’s the good news! The bad news is that moving is said to be one of the top five stress producers. As a new employee, if you can communicate your needs and take things one step at a time, you will prevail!

Apart from leaving the people and lifestyle you have grown accustomed to, what can you expect to be part of your relocation package?

SELECT People Solutions can provide relocation support services to minimize the stress and disruption for you and your family. Our objective is to make the transition to Lethbridge easy and successful!

We are fully equipped to offer a full-service relocation package to any candidate moving to Lethbridge.

Some of our services include:

  • Advanced electronic connections to the local housing market and community
  • Information on schools, community services, newcomer services
  • Introduction to recreational interests in Lethbridge
  • Orientation to Lethbridge with a dedicated tour guide upon arrival
  • Housing / accommodation search support

The decision to move means leaving family, friends and possibly a career behind. But most spouses are willing to take the plunge for a career opportunity or the happiness of their 'better half.'

In conjunction with our sister company, Teamworks Career Centre, we also offer Spousal Relocation services to help your significant other transition to life and work in Lethbridge.

This includes:

  • Orientation to the job market and business climate in Lethbridge
  • Direct linkages to HR practitioners and to local business managers for purposes of job search
  • Clarification of goals and objectives
  • Job search strategies specific to Lethbridge
  • Resume review and development