Board Room.jpg

Jason Trotter is the artist of our Boardroom Table.

Taken from references of Lethbridge's rich history, the custom table embodies several key elements from our city's past as well as its landscape.

  • The iron base design of the table is a direct take on the city's iconic high level train bridge.A structural feat of the day and visually as stunning as ever.

  • The wood of the table top is reclaimed aircraft hanger lumber from a World War 2 Commonwealth pilot and aircrew training centre. The bases were prominent throughout Southern Alberta.

  • Epoxy resin detail replica of the Old Man river runs through the centre of the piece and represents the natural beauty of the area. 

  • Salvaged leather taken from vintage tack of a coal mine pit pony embossed into the the table, acknowledging the major coal mine sites that pulled black diamonds from the coal banks of the river valley.


About the artist:  After receiving his art education in Edmonton, Jason relocated back to Southern Alberta where he was born and raised, and has called Lethbridge home ever since. His first studio was located downtown and was home to the Potemkin Collective which proved to be instrumental in his development as a contemporary artist, in particular in establishing himself as a stencil artist. Jason has embraced Lethbridge and Southern Alberta into both his career and artwork having worked at the University of Lethbridge Faculty of Fine Arts and as Preparator for the SAAG as well as completing commissions for both the City of Lethbridge and several local businesses. Most of his work focuses on themes and imagery from the area.

What do the little pieces of leather on the table represent?