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Put your passion to work.

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 Let us expand your network and open the door to dozens of positions, companies, industries, and new opportunities.

We specialize in:

  • Professional 

  • Office

  • Industrial

  • Agriculture

  • Permanent or temporary assignments


Let us connect you with well recognized businesses in

Southern Alberta.

We also know that confidentiality is critical.  We will get your permission before conducting reference checks and we will not share your personal information with clients until we get the green light from you.  The only thing to lose is the possibility of your next big opportunity if you don't sign up. 

Create your profile today and search our job board for exciting opportunities. 


Want to work with the best? So do we!

We can't wait to help you get started. 

How to get started: 

1. Prepare your resume. 

  • Showcase your skills

  • List your employment history (reverse chronological)

  • Detail your education and relevant training

  • Submit a Word document

2. Visit our job board at

3. Start searching!

4. Once you find an opportunity you'd like to be considered for, apply for the job.

A job search is a competition.  If you are called for an interview, take it seriously: be prepared, show up on time, dress appropriately and be prepared to explain why you should be considered for the job.


Select People Solutions completes the first interview and shortlists only the best of the best for client review. 

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  • Making false statements or omitting pertinent facts is sufficient cause for rejection or dismissal from employments.

  • When I am being shortlisted for a position, I authorize obtaining information from any person(s), employers, educational institutions, licensing authorities, and/or law enforcement agencies concerning my background, work habits, skill or conduct on the job, except for past employer(s) I have indicated that are not to be contacted. I hereby release such person or entities from liability for damages for issuing such information.

  • There is no guarantee of employment through Select.


  • I acknowledge the right of Select to maintain the confidentiality of their clients (business relationships) from their competitors and from the general public. I agree to keep all information regarding Select and Select’s clients confidential including their business practices and wages.


Becoming a Temporary Employee

If I accept a temporary assignment with Select, I understand that I am an employee of Select, although the location of my assignment may be on location of a client of Select. During any temporary assignment, I agree to the following:

  • If I am employed, now or at any time in the future, my employment may be terminated at any time without liability to me for wages or salary except for such wages or salary which I earned prior to the date of my termination or where Alberta Employment standards rules the principles of termination. I understand that the term of my employment will be limited to the duration of any assignment that I accept.

  • Some temporary positions that I accept, there may be a requirement by the Client that a more detailed examination of my background and credit history may be required. Upon written request, I will provide additional information as to the nature and scope of the inquiry or any report with is produced.

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