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Skills Assessments

Hard Skills

Our Hard Skills Assessments can be used for potential candidates or current employees to help you identify training needs, increase workplace efficiency and lower turnover rates

Examples include: 

  • Microsoft Office Testing

  • QuickBooks Online

  • Accounting & Bookkeeping Principles 

  • Attention to Detail Abilities 

  • Data Checking 

Soft Skills

Our Soft Skills Assessments are best to help identify potential risks in candidates, provide insight into candidate learning style, motivations and personality, create conversations and interview questions that may not be evident! 

Here's an example of one of our skills assessments!

Case Study.png

Employment Background Checks

Criminal Record Checks

As an employer, doing a criminal record check is a great way to ensure you know exactly who you're hiring. Our criminal record checks hold the same validity as checks from the police station and we offer them for just $45 with results back in just 15 minutes

More reasons to choose us for your criminal record checks: 

  • The platform we use partners with the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) to conduct criminal record checks based on the name and date of birth of applicants.


  • The CPIC is a secure, RCMP-accredited agency that is compliant with all security and privacy guidelines. It is the only national information-sharing system that links criminal justice and law enforcement partners across Canada and internationally

  • Results will be: clear (no criminal record), not clear (the applicant disclosed they did not have a record, but one exists in the database), and as disclosed (the applicant disclosed they do have a record, and the database confirmed it).


  • Specific details of a criminal record conviction cannot legally be released without fingerprint verification. Fingerprinting can be conducted by your local police station.

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Credit Checks

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A credit check on a potential candidate can minimize risk of theft or fraud. Employers want anyone in a position of trust, whether it’s in corporate finance, banking, accounting services, or even law, to act responsibly when it comes to money or sensitive client information.

Reports Include:

  • Risk score and the factors that contribute to the score

  • An individual's credit activity and history; late or missed payments, open lines of credit, outstanding balances, loans, inquiries, collections, or bankruptcies

Education Verifications

Protect your business from unqualified applicants who may have given you inaccurate or misleading education records.

Reports Include:

  • The highest level of education completed by the candidate

  • Degrees, diplomas, or certificates attained

  • Graduation dates for each credential attained 

  • Institution names from where the candidate acquired the credentials

  • Inconsistent or fabricated data

Education Verification.png

Reference Checks

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We can accelerate your hiring time by calling a candidate’s references for you. Using thought provoking questions, we uncover their qualities, flags, and behaviours, and then summarizing that information for your review. Reference responses will be written subjectively and professionally, and if there are specific questions you need answered, rest assured we will follow through.

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