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11 Must-Have Skills for Job Seekers

How many of these skills do you have? Be honest with yourself and work on the ones that are lacking. Give yourself an honest rating out of 5 for each skill and pick 2 that you’d like to improve in the next 6 months. It doesn’t matter if you’re currently looking for employment or not, it’s always a great time to strengthen valuable skills!

1. Teamwork:

Be good at working with people. This means listening well, collaborating, and being honest.

2. Communication:

You need to understand what’s expected of you and be able to convey your thoughts clearly. Skills here include writing and speaking effectively.

3. Interpersonal Skills:

Be great at building and maintaining relationships, whether with customers or coworkers. Important skills include empathy and flexibility.

4. Leadership:

You don’t have to be a boss to benefit from leadership skills. Being decisive and able to motivate others is key.

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5. Organization:

Be able to manage your time and tasks well. Being detail-oriented and setting goals are crucial.

6. Work Ethic:

Be someone who can work independently and meet deadlines. Key traits include being self-motivated and accountable.

7. Open-Mindedness:

Be willing to learn and try new things. Skills to highlight include curiosity and active listening.

8. Adaptability:

Be able to handle change and new situations well. Important traits include being resourceful and resilient.

9. Problem-Solving:

Know how to tackle challenges effectively. Critical thinking and creativity are key skills here.

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10. Self-Management:

Be good at prioritizing your work and managing yourself, including your time and stress levels.

11. Computer Skills:

Basic computer skills like using spreadsheets, email, and specialized software are almost always needed.

If you are a Job Seeker, we recommend including these skills in your resume to catch an employer’s eye!


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