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Beef Up Your LinkedIn – Be Memorable!

Do you like it when your LinkedIn has been viewed, but you never applied for anything? Have you ever received a message about a job you hadn’t even heard about? A well developed and comprehensive profile can catch the attention of headhunters and could result in you securing a job that you never even had intentions of applying for.

Let your Social Media presence do the work for you.

About You

Fill out as much information as possible on your profiles – the more that’s available, the more likely you will appear in someone’s search results. Fleshing out your profile will allow viewers a glimpse into who you are, and it will increase your profile’s discoverability. Be professional, write a clear headline and summarize your experience.


Say Cheese!

Don’t remain another faceless, anonymous user – add a profile picture! Your profile will get more views if your face is connected to it. Keep it professional, but don’t be afraid to stand out.


Connect with Others

Interact with other users – add people you know, industry contacts and professionals you know.

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Post Regularly

Comment on blog posts, participate in online Q&As, and share your thoughts. Don’t create your profile just to abandon it! The more active you are, the more your social media can communicate who you are and how you interact. Have fun with it but remember, be professional.


Join Groups

Engage in industry related groups related to your field or that you are interested in. Get involved in those conversations.


Build Your Brand

This is a big one. Personal branding is the “in” thing – be confident in who you are, what value you can bring to a company and show it through LinkedIn. Understand what sets you apart, use consistent messaging (regardless of the platform), and BE GENUINE!


Lastly, Don’t Count on LinkedIn Alone

Have multiple profiles on multiple platforms under your name (ex. Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, staff page on company website, etc.), then crosslink your profiles. This makes it easier for people to find you. If only one profile appears in a search, they can follow your links to find your other profiles.


LinkedIn is a valuable tool – utilize it!


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