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Calling is Key!

Though it is often tempting to rely on text and email alone, phone calls are key! They are still such an essential and valuable method of communication for many reasons.  

1. It’s Faster if They Answer

You can send an email or even text and the conversation can drag on, and that means time wasted.  

What do I do? I pick up the phone – great if they answer and I get what I need right away – DONE! Or if they don’t answer, I DON’T leave a message but follow up right away with a text. That way, I have notified via phone “Hey I need to chat with you,” but the reason is in the text, which usually they reply to right away.  

2: Be Understood 

It is easier to convey meaning with spoken word, especially regarding sensitive or awkward topics. Minimize the possibility of misinterpretation and again, more efficient

If your meaning is misunderstood, you’re much more likely to notice and it will be quicker to resolve over the phone.

3: Make Your Known Audience Feel Special (who doesn’t like this?) 

Nowadays, people tend to stick to typed messages. Let’s make it more human.

By taking the time to call instead, you will stand out. This demonstrates to others that you care about making a connection with them.  

Because texts and emails are so common, receiving a phone call feels special and the purpose of the call important.  

4: Don’t Ignore Me! 

Nowadays, emails can take days to get a response. Best time to call? I find first thing in the morning clients I know are more likely to answer if they have a minute. Before their day goes crazy, while they are getting their day organized – I want to be there!  

Sometimes, this will result in a little bit of phone tag, but it will usually be worth it! 

5: Out of Your Comfort Zone 

It may seem daunting to remove yourself from the safety of carefully typing up what you want to say if you are someone who reads every email over at least four times before you actually send it.  

It is true that you will need to react faster over the phone, with another person actively waiting for you to respond.  

However, it can actually be less intimidating to have a spoken conversation. I personally find that being able to hear the tone of the other person’s voice and the increased pace of a phone call reduces time to overthink. 

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Pick Up the Phone Next Time!  It is faster, more effective and more personal – best part? It will help grow your relationship – trust me! 


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